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Review: Just Food For Dogs

So this post has been a long time coming, if you follow me on social media you already know all about my baby King Zulu and the struggle I had with him about a year ago with his sensitive stomach.  If not WELCOME to this circus because believe me it was truly a...

Nespresso Tropical Coconut Iced Review & Latte

We have a Nespresso Tropical Coconut Iced Review & Latte today!!!! You know we love our iced coffee around here and this is no exception

Spring Nespresso Haul

It’s Spring and time to do a quick re-up for my Nespresso!!! Spring is my favorite time of the year because well it is ice coffee season! So of course I had to take a quick trip to my Nespresso boutique so that I can get the latest and greatest of and of course some old favorites so I can you know keep my little barista thing going.

Nespresso Vertuo Next Review – WATCH BEFORE BUYING

Whew this Nespresso journey has been been one for the books. After wanting a Nespresso for so very long as well as the hours upon hours of research here we are......... So after 4 machines hopefully I have found one that will actually last. I actually haven't seen too...